Tameside Grant Finder

Tameside grant finder

GRANTfinder is by far Europe’s largest and most comprehensively supported funding platform of its type. Over the last thirty years, it’s helped clients to secure millions of pounds’ worth of funding support.

These benefits are recognised by a wide cross-section of public, private and voluntary sector organisations – for projects ranging from modest community ones through to major, multi-level European initiatives.

The nature of the projects for which support has been secured is even more varied – covering capital investment, the arts, sport, education, housing, crime and rehabilitation, export, the environment, regional initiatives and much, much more.

Tameside Grant Finder

For Tameside Grant Finder means businesses can now register for free access to a user-friendly funding search tool that helps them to identify external funding opportunities for themselves. Open 4 Business enables businesses to search for EU, Government, LEP and local authority-provided grants, loans, venture capital funds and tax credits.

Benefits include:

·         User-friendly search tool – suitable for all levels of IT experience.

·         Weekly e-newsletters – details on all the latest funding announcements, approaching deadlines and breaking news.

·         Fully maintained – all funding information is kept fully up to date and accurate.

Open 4 Business is a one stop shop of all the funding and support on offer to help local companies succeed and grow – vital in a time of challenging conditions for enterprise.

Each year, hundreds of millions of pounds in grants, loans, awards and other funds are on offer to help businesses improve productivity, buy equipment, employ and train staff, carry out innovative R&D, diversify into new markets and much, much more.

Open 4 Business lets local entrepreneurs search for free through all these funds available to them, from major European Union and Government programmes, to regional development schemes, local authority funds and prestigious business award competitions.

To search for funding and browse what funding is available or to view local support and local success stories please visit the Tameside Grant Finder page of Open 4 Business.