Tameside Business Groups and Networks

Tameside is an exciting location for business opportunities and LiveWorkInvest creates a platform for these new and established businesses to connect. Tameside business groups and networks are a strong and effective way of developing businesses, creating working relationships and building contacts locally. Whatever industry or profession you are working in, there is a Networking group that will benefit you; from digital and creative to financial or tradesmen, the whole of Tameside is connecting and you can be a part of it.

If you are a member of a Business Group or Network based in Tameside and you would like for this to be featured here on the LiveWorkInvest website then please contact us on admin@liveworkinvest.com

Business Growth Hub

Since 2011 the Business Growth Hub has been offering expert business support to ambitious companies across Greater Manchester, from start-ups to those that are established and looking to expand.

We have become a trusted partner to thousands of companies, offering the kind of long-term support that leads to long-term success.  As well as expert advisors in a range of key areas from finance to digital, marketing to manufacturing, we also run a successful mentoring service, which puts experienced business people in touch with new entrepreneurs.

We’re proud to be part of the fabric of business life in Greater Manchester, so whether you’re looking for support to take your business to the next level, or advice on taking a great idea to market, a call to the Business Growth Hub could help you unlock the true potential of your business.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the Business Growth Hub please contact:

Tel: 0161 359 3050BGH Logo
eMail: info@businessgrowthhub.com
Visit: www.businessgrowthhub.com




Digital & Creative Network (DCN)

The objectives of the Digital & Creative Network are quite simple. To create an environment and provide an opportunity where local people and businesses who are active within the broad ‘creative’ sector can connect, collaborate and combine their talents in order to provide a more comprehensive service than they are able to individually.

As a member of DCN you’ll have instant access to people, talent, knowledge and possibilities that could have a huge and positive impact on your own business.
Digital & Creative Network

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of DCN please contact us on:

Lead: Tracey Rush
0161 368 9100
eMail: hello@meetdcn.com
Visit: www.meetdcn.com



Action Together (Tameside)

Action Together makes it easier for businesses and people to help local good causes through the giving of time and skills, money and resources. There are a variety of ways in which businesses can get involved with Action Together, including Employer Supported Volunteering team challenges, fundraising events, or sharing your time and skills with local good causes.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Action Together please contact:

Naomi Sampson or Amy Rowlands
Tel: 0161 339 4985
eMail: info@actiontogether.org.uk
Visit: www.actiontogether.org.uk



Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Action For Business Tameside, connecting your business and expanding your network (free for Chamber members £15 plus VAT for non members)

The meetings are held 4 times per year in Tameside, 7.30am – 9.30am venues yet to be confirmed.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce please contact:

GMCC LogoRaj Singh
Tel: 07770 017535
eMail: rajinder.singh@gmchamber.co.uk
Visit: www.gmchamber.co.uk



Tameside Genesis BNI

Our group only allows one person from each profession to join. We currently generate over £1m per year in invoiced business.

The group has been established for over 12 years. We cater for all types of businesses from one man bands to multi-national.

Our members can be from any profession and currently we have members who are anything from accountants, solicitor, financial advisor all the way through to tiler, builder, electrician – so we are not a shirt and tie only group.

Meetings are held weekly on a Thursday, starting at 6.45am with a finish time of 8.30am

Venue Curzon Ashton Stadium, Richmond Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne,OL7 9HG

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Tameside Genesis BNI please contact:bni-logo

David Howcroft
Tel: 07515 874 427
Visit: http://www.bnionline.co.uk/genesis/index.php


Business for Breakfast Tameside

BforB Tameside meet every fortnight on Wednesdays at Dukinfield Golf Club, where in a relaxed professional atmosphere, new business contacts are made and business is referred. As with many similar networks, we only allow one member per industry sector, so if you are interested book on quickly to avoid disappointment!.

BforB as a network is more relaxed than many aided by the fact that we only meet once a fortnight. But because it’s more relaxed we tend to get more quality referrals. Some networking groups can be frantic, and there can be business papers flying around. There’s not that sort of pressure to give referrals in the BforB network, so that gives us more time to get to know other members, do one-to-ones and also provide them with quality business. We get more time to understand what each other wants and needs, and this leads to exchanging quality leads that normally turn into business

Our meetings start with Open Networking at 7.00am with the meeting ending at 8.30am when we sit down to breakfast. Dukinfield Golf Club is at Lyne Edge, Yew Tree Lane, Dukinfield, SK16 5GF

So, why should you come; what’s the “What’s in it for me?” factor?

Most of us join a Business to Business networking group to help increase the number of qualified sales leads and business opportunities that we receive, but there’s a lot more as well… for example, some of the additional benefits that our members have seen are…

·         A reduction in business costs

·         A sounding board for ideas

·         Someone trusted to share problems with

·         Independent, occasionally free, advice

·         A support network – running a small business can sometimes be very lonely!

·         Strategic partnerships to help grow our businesses

In addition to that, our members’ experience so far has been that we convert 75% – 80% of all the referrals we receive into “real” business – Business for Breakfast actually puts £’s into our pocket!

It’s not a quick fix; after all, why should we pass business opportunities, perhaps with our best clients, to someone that we know very little about? However, once we Know, Like and Trust you (the key elements that make Business for Breakfast what it is), then Referrals will flow. Also, experience tells us that business won in this way survives far longer than that won on price alone.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Business for Breakfast Tameside please conB4B Logotact:

Tony Hayes
Tel: 07813 923 210
eMail: tony@bforb.com
Visit: http://www.bforb.co.uk/bforb-groups/tameside/


BNI Athena

BNI is the most successful business networking referral organisation in the world. It has over 13,000 members in the UK and Ireland alone, passing nearly 680,000 referrals worth over £339 million every year. The group is made up of local business professionals and is currently looking for other business people to visit and meet with the existing members.

What you should know when considering becoming a member

  • Only one person from each professional sector is permitted to join a chapter of BNI.
  • All participants should represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.
  • This is a weekly commitment
  • Participation in the chapter by members is a key to the success of a group.

Details of When & Where your meeting are held:

Every Tuesday at 12pm at
Oaklands Masonic Hall
Beech View
Hyde SK14 3DE

£10 including lunch

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of BNI Athena please contact:

bni-logo Visit: http://www.bni.co.uk/
Connect: @BNI_Athena



Apprenticeship Stakeholder Group

PB2_1150 resized

The Apprenticeship Stakeholder Group meets quarterly to discuss issues revolving around Apprenticeships. There are a range of attendees including representatives from:

  • Tameside College
  • Positive Steps
  • Tameside MBC
  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • National Apprenticeship Service
  • Benchmark Building Supplies
  • New Charter
  • Brother UK

The group recently pledged to generate an additional 100 apprenticeships in Tameside. Please note this is a closed group.

Tameside Learner Provider Network

The Tameside Learner Provider Network meet on a quarterly basis. It is an inclusive network which includes independent training providers, FE Colleges and associates and Tameside MBC.


Property and Construction Collaboration Network

The Property and Construction Collaboration Network is a group of local business people drawn from Construction and Property companies based in Tameside. Their remit is to work with the Sector and it’s supply chain in the Borough, to ensure that it is:

  • aware of all opportunities the opportunities to bid for work that are available to them.
  • prepared to bid for work with a range of different clients.
  • accessing all the business support services that are available to them.
  • Are engaging with the skills system and the government endorsed Adopt a School program

The key areas they are looking to address are:

  • Skills shortages in the sector.
  • Low awareness of the pipeline of upcoming work.
  • The costs to local businesses of bidding for work.

Lead: Phill Brown (MBE) – Managing Director of Benchmark Building Supplies

Please note, attendance is by invitation only.

Engineering and Manufacturing Collaboration Network

The Engineering and Manufacturing Collaboration Network is a group of local business people drawn from Engineering and Manufacturing companies based in Tameside. Their remit is to work with Tameside’s Manufacturing and Engineering sector and supply chain businesses to ensure that they are:

  • Accessing all the business support services that are available to them, especially with regards to exporting, innovation and leadership and management development.
  • Engaging with the skills system especially Tameside College’s new Engineering focused offer, to guide curriculum development and offer apprenticeship and other skills development opportunities.
  • Engaging with and making the most of Tameside Council and the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership’s strategic focus on the sector.
  •  Fully aware of the benefits of and support available to them for:

The  Key areas they are looking to address are:

    •  The availability and visibility of available business premises, which are of
  • the required type and quality for the sector.


    • The numbers of high calibre young people who are interested in entering
  • into apprenticeships and careers in the engineering and manufacturing sector


  • The availability of finance to the sector. This includes both the mainstream banks’ willingness to lend to the sector, and businesses knowledge of alternative sources of finance, grant schemes and tax relief such as the R&D Tax Credit

Lead: Jeremy Taylor, Manufacturing Director, Coleherne Ltd

Please note, attendance is by invitation only.

Inward Investment

The Inward Investment Collaboration Network is a small group of Public and private sector representatives working to bring together groups working on the development and promotion of Tameside as location for people to live and do business. The group will look to:

  • Identify the best channels for promoting Tameside as a place to do business.
  • Promote Tameside as  a place of choice for people moving to the area
  • Prepare a strong case for  businesses in key sectors thinking of moving to Tameside
  • Identify and address opportunities to promote Tameside to key sectors
  • Ensure that Tameside’s key strengths and messages are consistently represented across all streams of inward investment work
  • Identify key investment areas in the borough and share knowledge and plans regarding them.
  • Provide up to date information on development projects and potential sites via Tameside Live Work Invest.

Their priority areas of focus are:

  • The image of Tameside as a low skill, low wage economy
  • The Tameside brand and image as a place to live and do business

Lead: Robin Monk – Executive Director Tameside MBC