Smoking and Tobacco

The main smoking related factors in the workplace are:

  • Legal duties of the employer and employees
  • Support to quit smoking
  • A smoking policy

What you can do right now

Check the law – are you complying?

Check this link for a quick read on what you need to know and do:

Have a look at your Smoking in the Workplace Policy – does it need an update? This is Tameside Council’s policy, as an example: smoking policy

Promote sources of help to quit, in your workplace

In Tameside, local NHS services are available to help smokers quit through one-to-one and group support.

Alternatively, there are several on-line sources of help and information from the NHS, click here.

Have a look at your Smoking in the Workplace policy – does it need an update?

The policy would need to incorporate the legal obligations of employers and employees and be supportive to smokers who wanted to quit.

Should you allow someone to smoke an electronic cigarette in your workplace? Using an e-cigarette isn’t illegal but have a look at this document from Action on Smoking and Health.

Many organisations are choosing to ban e-cigarette use indoors. You might also need to think about whether you allow the charging of e-cigarettes on work premises or not.

Run a Stop Smoking Campaign in your Workplace

Here are three to choose from:

Health Harm in January

No Smoking Day in March, promoted by the British Heart Foundation

Stoptober in October