One of the beauties of living in Droylsden is that it is so convenient – not only for its own town-centre shops, businesses and industry, but now, thanks to the recent introduction of the Metrolink, you can hop on a tram and commute to the city centre of Manchester or be in Ashton within a matter of minutes.

Droylsden has many claims to fame, not least of which is that it was within this town that the world’s very first Terry Towels were produced. A luxury product that put the town’s name well and truly on the global map. Old industries such as that are now sadly gone, but they have been replaced by modern businesses and industries offering lots of employment opportunities. Droylsden is also an attractive place to live, with many desirable residential districts within easy reach. The town also has a glowing reputation for the quality of its schools and leisure amenities including a renowned golf course and the Green Flag Copperas Field Greenspace project.

Everything you require

Droylsden really is ‘self-contained’.  Within the compact town-centre you will find an outstanding choice of shops and supermarkets, restaurants and lots of places to relax and enjoy a pleasant evening out.

•  Close to Daisy Nook Country Park

•  Easy to reach by road, rail and tram

•  Home to a unique 18th century Moravian settlement

•  A thriving ‘Little Theatre’

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