Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating related factors in the workplace depend on the type of business you operate. Do you have a workplace with a kitchenette or a canteen? Do you offer corporate hospitality? Are most of your workers on the road or working from home? You can promote healthy eating at work by providing information in your buildings, via email or through your intranet. Don’t forget to take a proper lunch break!

The main factors to consider are:

  • Promoting of healthy eating in the workplace
  • Providing safe drinking water – from the tap is fine
  • Making sure that food and drink preparation facilities in the workplace are clean and well maintained
  • Taking proper lunch breaks
  • Providing information to staff about local weight loss advisory services
  • Having a healthy eating policy

What you can do right now

Provide information about healthy eating in the workplace.

You can down load posters from the Change4life website and hang them in your workplace. There are resources available here.

Electronic the resources are available on the NHS Livewell website.

The British Heart Foundation

Keep your facilities clean and in good repair.

Under health and safety laws, food preparation areas must be clean and safe to use. Are your electrical goods in good condition? Do you have any gas appliances? How clean are the fridge and microwave?

The Health and Safety Executive website has a lot of useful guidance for you. Start here.

Aim for a 5- Star Hygiene Rating for your staff canteen.

All workplace canteens are inspected by the local environmental health department.

Click here to find out more about the Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Encourage your canteen manager to apply for the Greater Manchester Healthier Catering Award.

This award scheme is free. By receiving this award, you get your name onto the Greater Manchester Healthier Catering map! Click here to find out more or email to request a free audit.

Tell your staff about local weight loss services

The NHS offers free weight loss support in Tameside.

Remind your staff about taking a proper lunch break.

Here is a quick summary of what the law says about taking a break, click here.

Here are some of the benefits of taking a lunch break, brought to you by Health for Work, NHS.

Create your own Healthy Eating Policy.

You can make this policy as broad as you like. You could include a commitment to offer healthy choices, buying local and seasonal produce and only using fish from sustainable sources. You might decide to incorporate waste reduction and recycling.

A Health at Work policy template, incorporating healthy eating is available from the British Heart Foundation.