rescue burnt fruit cake

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rescue burnt fruit cake
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Consider making a trifle out of the cake. If you shaved off the burnt edges from the cake and notice the cake is too small, fix the cake and save it by making it into a trifle instead. Cut off the burnt edges of the cake if you haven't already and crumble it up into a bowl. In a tall glass, make a variety of layers such as one layer of chocolate pudding, another layer of the cake, one layer for walnuts, etc. Others won't notice the burnt cake and you'll end up with a new tasty dessert to enjoy. . Cover up the burnt flavor of your cake by adding a variety of cake toppings such as icing, frosting, ganache, vanilla glaze, fresh fruit, chocolate candies, gummies, sprinkles, and nuts to hide the burnt, dry flavor.. Anyway just cut a tiny piece off to see how it was and it was totally burnt, then cut a bit deeper into it and there is probably a good 1/2 inch crust of burnt cake all the way around the cake, despite me wrapping the f'ing thing in parchment paper, brown paper, a brand new cake tin, etc etc..
luckily dh doesn't like christmas cake, and kids are too young to appreciate anyway. my mum has promised me a slab of hers! i blame ours on our rubbish, old oven hope you manage to rescue yours.. Burning a cake, unfortunately, is bound to happen to us all at some point. Whether we didn’t hear the timer go off or our oven baked it way quicker than the recommended time, our cake is burnt.. Hi guys new here and i hope you can help. I have tried to cook a 12" fruit cake cooked lined the tin with greaseproof 4 layers yet my fruit in the cake burnt.. Squashing an 8″ cake’s worth of fruit into a 6″ cake will not work and you won’t realise that this is the problem, even when you can’t fit it all into the cake tin and have to make extra cupcakes with the rest of the mixture. The cake will be extra moist and you will think it’s not cooked so you have to bake it for an extra 3 hours to convince yourself it’s definitely cooked. To . . .
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