rescue undercooked fruit cake

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rescue undercooked fruit cake
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Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl over very hot water. Once it is melted, stir well. While it is melting, crumble the fruit cake into a separate large bowl. Add the Rum / Grand Marnier / Brandy / orange juice and mix it through. Add the chocolate mixture and mix well until it is all combined. Line two large baking trays with greaseproof paper. Take one teaspoon of the mixture and roll into a ball, place on trays and continue until you have used up all the mixture. This size will make between 70 and 80 tiny Christmas puddings. Alternatively, divide the mixture into a dozen and make 12 larger puddings [a set of muffin tins as a mould works well]. Put the trays into the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to allow them to set. Drizzle icing or chocolate over the puddings, allowing it to trickle down the sides. Put a small piece of glace cherry or a silver cachou on top of each one and return to the refrigerator to set.. I have a wonderful fruitcake recipe, but unfortunately I may have made a mess of it. The recipe calls for baking the cake in a loaf pan for 1 hour at 350 degrees and checking for doneness using a toothpick, and if needed, to bake another 10 minutes.. Having made this, I was left with about half of the undercooked cake. I did wonder, as it was so underdone, if I could put it into a cake tin and just try cooking it again..
What to do with undercooked cake? We all have had it at least once. Your house smells great, you’ve been resisting the temptation to cut of a piece will it’s still in the oven and – even more difficult – during the time it’s cooling down. So when you’re finally cutting the cake, you’re facing a big disappointment: undercooked. A thick dense layer shows in the midst (or just . How to Fix Cake Disasters. Baking has its ups and downs, and if you've ended up with a cake disaster in the kitchen, don't worry! It's likely you can do something to salvage the situation. Whether your cake didn't rise or you ended up with. Read the Undercooked Dundee cake - rescue or write-off? discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Cakes food community. Join the discussion today.. Turn the cake over and try cutting out a small section from the centre. You may find that the cake is damp but still edible. If you feel it is too underdone to eat then you can cut the properly cooked outside pieces off and just discard the very wet centre. You may be able to turn the outside pieces into small christmas cake "bites" or you could use the cake as an alternative to Christmas . Collapsed cake is difficult to fix, but it is possible to bake or microwave the cake and then serve it in slices rather than as a whole cake. Finally, if re-baking the cake is not an option, it is also possible to cut out the undercooked center to serve the cake as-is or to serve the cake in muffin tins or small glasses. Serving small chunks of cake in glasses looks intentional with a small . for future fruit cakes did you tie brown or newspaper round the outside of the tin? If you make a collar that stands 3" or so proud around the top of the tin it helps protect the top of the cake form burning while the middle is cooking. you want about 4 thicknesses of newspaper.
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