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Bright iDEA to boost digital skills

[email protected] Posted on 2nd May 2019 11:58 | Comments Off on Bright iDEA to boost digital skills

FREE workshops are helping Tameside residents enhance their digital skills.

Tameside Council’s Libraries and Routes to Work teams partnered together to deliver a ‘Get Started with iDEA’ workshop at the new Ashton Library in Tameside One.

The session was the first of a regular workshop, which will be open to anyone and will take place on the last Thursday of each month at Ashton Library, from 3.30 to 4.30pm.

The purpose of the workshops is to help residents become digitally included and improve their chances of employability.

The first session on April 25 was for clients using Routes to Work, the supported employment offer from the council’s Employment and Skills service supporting residents with mental health issues or disabilities into sustainable jobs.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) was founded and is backed by the Duke of York. It’s the digital equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh award and can be used to enhance CV’s. It can help people learn more about internet safety, financial management, making GIFs and websites and lots more useful and interesting topics.

Since launching the Tameside and Glossop iDEA badge at the Tameside Coder Dojo last September, the council has been working with Buckingham Palace to get local residents to use the free programme, which aims to build computer and enterprise skills. It’s available online and is simple to use for all abilities and backgrounds.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “iDEA is a fantastic opportunity to learn new digital skills and enhance existing ones to help secure work and succeed in the workplace. We’ve organised these workshops to help Routes to Work clients and residents get started with iDEA and gain the skills and knowledge they need.”

For more details on the workshops, visit www.tameside.gov.uk/libraries, call 0161 342 2031 or come in to the library.

Anyone interested in iDEA can get started by signing up at www.idea.org.uk.

People who live or work in Tameside or Glossop can get their first two points straight away by clicking HAVE A BADGE CODE? and entering the code: TANDGIDEA.

Exciting new programme to develop the next generation of digital talent is launched

[email protected] Posted on 7th February 2019 11:21 | Comments Off on Exciting new programme to develop the next generation of digital talent is launched

Up to 200 secondary schools in Greater Manchester will benefit from funding to deliver digital skills to pupils.

GM Digital Skills aims to get young people excited and involved in learning from a young age, along with building long-term connections between education and the digital industry. Digital business experts Manchester Digital and a consortium ‘GoDigital’ made up of the White Room, Hive and InnovateHer, will deliver a series of projects supporting the whole of secondary education and beyond.

The programme is part of the Greater Manchester Digital Strategy which aims to put Greater Manchester in the top 5 European Digital City Regions by 2020.

Cllr Andrew Western, GMCA Lead for Digital City Region said: “This is a really exciting step towards realising our digital aspirations for Greater Manchester. We have the largest digital, creative and tech sector outside of London but it would be nothing without the talent, skills and people working in that industry. We’ve got some great digital organisations in the city region and I’m delighted that Manchester Digital and the GoDigital consortium will be delivering this work on our behalf.”

The programme will also make a significant contribution towards our employment and skills ambitions in Greater Manchester where we hope that young people will leave the education system with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to succeed.

Cllr Sean Fielding, GMCA Lead for Education and skills said: “To be able to dedicate specific funding to developing the digital skills of your young people is a significant step-change in preparing them for the world of work and making them aware of the opportunities in this rapidly growing sector. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people in Greater Manchester and the programme will reach over 10,000 pupils up to 200 schools. This in turn benefits all of us in the city-region and can contribute to us having a thriving economy with the right skills for jobs in the digital sector and opportunities for everyone.”

The Go Digital package to schools includes:

•A digital assembly to spark excitement

•A hands-on one day digital making and marketing session

•Support to set up a Code Club

•Access to the award-winning 8 week InnovateHer programme for 200 year 8 girls designed to improve their skills and confidence and give them access to careers mentoring, led by female role models from industry

•Access to a 3-day Digi Deep Dive programme for boys and girls delivered by Digital Advantage and Hive Learning Network

•A visit to the inspiring Sharp Project

•A final challenge event for all students to celebrate their achievements

Andy Lovatt, Managing Director at The White Room said: “This is a great opportunity to work with some of the best schools in Greater Manchester and with young people at a crucial stage of their development. We’ve teamed up with Hive Learning Networks and InnovateHer to develop a new and exciting approach to digital skills development in the city.

“The Go-Digital programme has been developed specifically for 11-13 year olds with an emphasis on getting girls to look at creative, tech and digital careers choose subjects that will help them get brilliant careers in Greater Manchester’s digital economy. We’re working with other industry partners including Sharp Futures, Code Club and the Co-op to develop a programme that is engaging, effective and fun and that will inspire the next generation of talent to be prepared for the jobs of the future.”

The Digital Futures part of the package will help educators deliver a curriculum that is effective and relevant, and be able to give specialist career insights. Specific industry-led initiatives include:

•Bringing the computer science curriculum to life in the classroom with support from industry experts

•Helping students and career leads gain insights into working in digital careers from people doing those jobs

•Providing inspiring industry experience visits to digital and technology employers for students, teachers and career leads

•GM Digital Day 2020 – an annual celebration day of digital skills for all schools in Greater Manchester

Katie Gallagher, Managing Director at Manchester Digital said: “We are delighted to have secured this opportunity to scale our talent and skills and to be able to showcase the breadth of careers and opportunities that our industry can offer to young people. “Working alongside GMCA we want to ensure that the region has access to a strong, diverse pipeline of talent and this programme will allow us to deliver new and innovative ways of reaching students and helping them understand the different pathways into the sector”

To find out more or sign-up to the programme go to: www.gmdigitalskills.co.uk

Tameside businesses consulted on Council budget

[email protected] Posted on 7th February 2019 10:39 | Comments Off on Tameside businesses consulted on Council budget

Tameside’s business community is being invited to have its say on Tameside Council’s budget proposals for the next financial year (2019/20).   We are seeking your views on how we intend to use our resources as set out in the budget report, available to view at the following link at item 7c: http://tameside.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=134&MId=3244&Ver=4

This statutory consultation is your chance to have your say on the Council’s draft budget.  In order to take part in the consultation please click on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/tmbcstatutorybudget19-20

Alternatively you can also submit comments about the budget via email to budgetconsultation@tameside.gov.uk or in writing to:

Budget Consultation 2019-20
Tameside MBC
Room 9
Dukinfield Town Hall
King Street
SK16 4LA

Responses to the consultation must be received by 12:00 noon 18th February 2019.

The final budget will not be approved until Full Council meets on 26th February 2019.

Tameside HACK6 Challenges Revealed

[email protected] Posted on 24th January 2019 10:54 | Comments Off on Tameside HACK6 Challenges Revealed


The Tameside HACK – a Tameside Council-led event series where 11 to 18-year-olds face a series of coding challenges – is back with Tameside HACK6 in Tameside College’s cutting-edge Advanced Technologies Centre in Ashton on the 19th and 20th February 2019.

Book your FREE place now: www.tamesidehack6.eventbrite.com

Challenges are set by sponsors from industry, who also provide expert staff to mentor and donate the all-important prizes! For HACK6, veteran Tameside HACK supporters Brother UK and Purple are joined by new Challengers OneFile and #NoFilterNeeded. Find out more about the four challenges below!

Brother UK is one of Tameside’s top employers and they’re challenging HACKERs to help them look after their colleagues’ wellbeing, with £50 Amazon vouchers on offer for each member of the winning team! Check out the challenge here: HACK6 Brother UK Challenge.

Purple, TechTrack 100 business leading WiFi provider, challenge HACKERs to work with accessible data to enhance daily life, and they’re offering winners a drone plus a £25 shopping voucher each! Find out more: HACK6 Purple Challenge.

OneFile, a leading learning and development platform, is challenging HACKERs to use social media platforms to enhance school-based learning, and they’re offering a Raspberry Pi kit to each member of the winning team! Check out the full details here: HACK6 OneFile Challenge.

#NoFilterNeeded, a make-up booking app with a rapidly growing audience, challenge HACKERs to make their e-commerce site speak to their app in an innovative way. More info over here: HACK6 #NoFilterNeeded Challenge.

To book your place at HACK6, click here tamesidehack6.eventbrite.com

If you have any questions regarding the Challenges, contact the Tameside HACK team at employmentandskills@tameside.gov.uk or tweet us at @TamsideHACK

Spring Tameside Job Fair 2019

[email protected] Posted on 21st January 2019 8:46 | Comments Off on Spring Tameside Job Fair 2019


Following the success of our annual September Job Fairs: Tameside Council, Jobcentre Plus and Jigsaw Homes are looking to ‘spring’ into action to offer Tameside, and wider borough residents, even more opportunities to access employment and/or training.

On Friday 10th May 2019, Tameside will be running its first ever Spring Job Fair, hosted by Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd.

This will be an open event to all local job seekers to meet local employers such as yourselves to apply for live vacancies you may have to offer. They will also have the chance to meet a variety of different training providers to access opportunities to develop new or existing skills.

Increasing employment within the borough is a key aim for all involved, and with your support, we can offer a wide range of opportunities to get people back into work. It will also be a great opportunity for you to take advantage of meeting local talent in one room, allowing you to shortlist potential candidates on the day! There is no charge for exhibiting.

Event details:

Date: Friday 10th May 2019

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd, 249 Cavendish Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7AT

We would like to ensure that all local employers are offered the opportunity to exhibit – your interested is welcomed! If you are interested in participating, you can register your interest by contacting: employmentandskills@tameside.gov.uk

We understand accessing employment can be difficult for some people – you can help us to put a ‘spring’ in their step!



Employers working with Tameside Council to inspire children to read

[email protected] Posted on 14th January 2019 8:34 | Comments Off on Employers working with Tameside Council to inspire children to read

A PILOT scheme aiming to inspire Tameside youngsters to get into books is already improving reading skills.

The ‘Tameside Reading Challenge’ Pilot began last October, with Tameside Council providing volunteers to read with pupils at six primary schools across the borough.

Informal data has already shown that one pupil has improved his reading ability by two years in just ten weeks.

Further feedback is currently being collected from the schools, parents and pupils, with the results to be shared as soon as available.

But parents and volunteers have already spoken about seeing improvements.

One parent said: “I’d stopped trying to read at home with my daughter as she wasn’t interested and it just created arguments, but now she is coming home asking to read together.”

Another said: “My son wasn’t interested in reading at all, despite everything I did to try and encourage him, but this year for the first time he’s asked for books on his Christmas list!”

One of the volunteers said: “Thank you for the opportunity.  I noticed a change from the first week to last two. The books they read and the encouragement make a big difference.”

Another added: “The difference achieved from making a little bit of effort has been brilliant to see, just taking library books that matched their interest was met with such enthusiasm – I really feel like I’ve had an impact on their interest in reading which makes me really proud.”

Each school involved received two or three volunteers who spent an hour a week over the autumn term working with two pupils on a one-to-one basis. The aim is to encourage reading for pleasure and increase reading ability and is part of Tameside Council’s priority to support positive lifelong outcomes.

The volunteers were placed with pupils from Early Years right through to Year 6 at Waterloo, Ashton; Pinfold, Hattersley; Greenfield, Hyde; Corrie, Denton; and Wild Bank and Gorse Hall in Stalybridge.

The programme was developed and co-ordinated by the council’s Employment and Skills team in partnership with School Improvement, Libraries and Workforce Development.

In December, pupils and parents involved in the Reading Challenge were invited to a Christmas party, hosted and sponsored by the Village Hotel in Hyde, to celebrate their hard work and success. They enjoyed a meal, entertainment and a visit from Father Christmas. Some of the volunteers who read with the children were also in attendance to celebrate the pupil’s achievements.

Following the success of the pilot, the programme will be extended to run again during the Spring Term, with an additional five more schools to be supported.

If you are interested in becoming a reading volunteer, contact Employment and Skills at: employmentandskills@tameside.gov.uk – all volunteers will be required to agree to an enhanced DBS check being carried out.



Tameside HACKERs challenged on Brother UK’s 50th Anniversary

[email protected] Posted on 19th November 2018 9:28 | Comments Off on Tameside HACKERs challenged on Brother UK’s 50th Anniversary


hack5 logo


Young people were challenged to design products which could be used years in the future at a Guide Bridge event.

They were taking part in Tameside HACK5, the fifth in a series of coding and science competitions delivered by Tameside Council’s Employment and Skills team. HACK5 was delivered in partnership with Brother UK.

The two-day competition was held at Brother’s headquarters over 30 & 31 October and included 13 teams of 11-18 year-olds from schools and colleges across the borough.

The Challenges were set by the Tameside Council team and Brother and themed around the future of technology over the next 50 years, celebrating Brother’s 50th anniversary year in Tameside.

For the Grand Challenge the young people were asked to develop a product that Brother UK could be making, selling or working with any time between now and 2068.

The teams of HACKERs responded with solutions that ranged from a sonar walking stick to a mobile app that offers support to individuals with dementia and their families.

Winning the Grand Challenge was team ‘The Foreseers’ from Longdendale High School for their virtual reality contact lens concept. They won a set of Tameside HACK goodies, £100 of vouchers for each team member and a Brother office solution for their school.

Extra Challenges asked teams to develop tech or software to make life easier for people with disabilities, and ‘Internet of Things’ innovations that could change the way people work or study in the future.

The young people taking part came from the following schools and colleges: Ashton Sixth Form College, Audenshaw School, Clarendon Sixth Form College, Fairfield High School for Girls, Hyde Community College, Longdendale High School, Rayner Stephens High School, Saddleworth High School, Tameside College and West Hill School.

Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director of Brother UK said: “The technology we supply to our customers now is very different to the technology we were working with when we first started out.  50 years of innovation have gone into making us the business technology solutions supplier we are today.”

Cllr Leanne Feeley, Tameside Council Executive Member for Lifelong Learning, added: “Innovation is the key to doing business. Some fantastic young people attended this event over the past couple of days and they put their planning, research, programming and teamwork skills to the test. By getting the students into an entrepreneurial mindset it will help them become more employable as they look beyond school and college.

“Events like Tameside HACK not only help young people to set off in the right direction for their future careers, but they also lay the right foundations for economic growth in the borough.”

For more information on the Tameside HACK please email hack@tameside.gov.uk, visit www.tameside.gov.uk/tamesidehack or follow @TamesideHACK on Twitter and Instagram Snapchat.

Business in the Spotlight: AD Sprinklers

[email protected] Posted on 29th April 2016 9:24 | Comments Off on Business in the Spotlight: AD Sprinklers

AD Sprinklers is a Tameside born business that covers all aspects of design, project management and installation of fire sprinkler systems across all sectors. This April, they have been in business for 10 years, and what a 10 years it’s been! From Amanda Ball (Owner) starting up the business herself in 2006, it has gathered momentum and gone from strength to strength, employing over 30 members of staff and 60+ subcontractors. With a current turnover of £3.4 million and strong growth prospects, the business is well on the way to hitting the £5 million mark in the next 2 years. Not too shabby to say the least for a business which started life from a kitchen table.

Tameside means business

As one of the borough’s Tameside Means Business companies, the Employment and Skills Team from Tameside Council were invited to speak to Amanda. The meeting allowed Amanda to provide more information about what lies behind the success of the business, along with introductions to some of the home grown talent AD has produced and nurtured over the years. Here is how it went;

Located in the former Heaton Mill in Hyde, when you first enter the office, you get an instant vibe of togetherness. AD feels like a close knit unit and everybody is very welcoming.

Amanda talks about Malcom Reade joining the company 3 years ago in the role of Managing Director, as a huge milestone for the business and whose appointment helped take the business on a real journey of growth. From a lifestyle business turning over a steady £1.5 million each year for around 4 years, the team envisaged doubling this turnover within the next 3 years. Amanda fondly recalls the team stating “with dedication and hard work, we could perhaps accomplish this in 2 years”; they actually achieved it in 1, surpassing their expectations.

AD strongly believes investing in the training, development and upskilling of their staff underpins the core values of their business, which is evidenced by its excellent staff retention record. Young people and talent are something that goes hand in hand at AD and the business has its fair share of individual success stories. Two such stories are detailed below:

James Hague, Contracts Manager

James was the first trainee AD took on in 2008. He is now a Contracts Manager heading up a whole team in the front office

Dean Smith, Fitter

Dean joined the company 4 years ago as a ‘fitters mate’. He is now fully qualified, works independently and in charge of his own van.

All AD engineers are supported to achieve the Loss Prevention Certification Board Course (an industry technical course of 3 levels).AD is also unafraid to support the ambitions of its staff by giving them opportunities to learn about other areas of the business, for example Chloe Lloyd was brought into the business as a young contract administrator and is now completing her AAT in accounts. Amanda explained how they like to move people to different departments if they have expressed an interest in other areas, are capable and willing. Over the years this has been proven to help get the best out of the team. Chloe is now solely responsible for the businesses accounts, which is a fantastic personal achievement and a huge benefit to the business.

It’s clear that AD is a business which believes in growing talent. It has taken on trainees and apprentices year upon year and developed them immensely. At present, 4 apprentices are undertaking the Level 2 Certificate in the Fire Sprinkler Installation (QCF) course, which is the first national qualification for sprinkler installers. This is incredibly significant as Amanda herself helped develop this course in her capacity, as a member of the training committee for the industry trading body BAFSA. AD’s Leah Ormrod, an apprentice, who has now become a permanent employee, is the first female to undertake the Level 2 Certification in Fire Sprinkler Installation. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Amanda is both proud and encouraged to have Leah on board championing the course for women. It is hoped that a Level 3 Certification in the course will be developed in the near future to support progression and inspire more young people to join the sector. Amanda is also working with BAFSA on the development of a Careers Pathway for the industry.

Tameside means business 2

Finally, AD’s commitment to raising the profile of the sector with young people is also at the core of business. Amanda’s belief is that it is never too early to make them aware of the skills needed and career opportunities within the sector. AD has supported the Primary Engineer Scheme for a number of years, which involves their staff going out to visit local primary schools engaging children aged 6-7, to spark their interest in engineering from a young age. They have the opportunity to get involved with hands on activities such as building a car and design drawing. Amanda says:

“It’s great to engage with the youngsters; it’s when things begin to spark after all and is always a really positive experience all round. The kids are so enthusiastic and I would encourage other businesses to get involved.”

It’s really refreshing to see a small business achieve such great success; not just the success you can count, but the achievement of people who without the help and support of the business may not have progressed to the positions they are in today.

Well done on your 10 year milestone AD Sprinklers…and here’s to another 10 years of success!

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