The Wellbeing Charter Award Scheme

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter – A National Award for England

Being in work is good for us. Working for an employer who values the health and wellbeing of the workforce is even better!

An employer can gain recognition for the work done to improve workplace health and wellbeing by gaining a Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award. Organisations with the Charter receive an award certificate and the rights to use Workplace Wellbeing Charter branding.

Over 1,000 organisations have this award across England.

How do I apply?

There are a series of steps to take in order to gain the award:

  1. Have a look at the official website to familiarise yourself with the scheme:
  2. Interested in applying? (New) Talk to Lawrence Milner at Groundwork UK about the process:
  3. Benchmark what you already do for your workforce using the established and independent set of standards. Click here to have a look at the auditing tool, accessed via this link.
  4. There are three levels to the scheme: Commitment (bronze), Achievement (silver) and Excellence (gold). Decide which level you want to pursue and work out the gaps between that standard and what you are doing in your organisation.
  5. Set up a working group of colleagues and start filling those gaps!
  6. When you have “fully met”, i.e.FM, everything in each standard, it’s time to complete the application form – online.
  7. The biggest part of the process is gathering all of your evidence together. Evidence can take the form of paper or electronic documents, photos, case studies, examples of policies, video footage of workplace events, minutes of relevant meetings, statements from members of the workforce etc.
  8. Got your evidence ready? Talk again to the friendly staff at Groundwork UK, Manchester about auditing your Workplace Wellbeing Charter application. Your key contact is Lawrence Milner: or tel. 0161 237 3200.

How much does this cost?

This award scheme is free. There are no charges or fees. However, internal costs will obviously include your staff time and the cost of stationery etc.

What’s in the Standards?

The award scheme is subdivided into eight separate standards:


Absence Management

Health & Safety

Mental Health

Smoking & Tobacco

Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Alcohol & Substance Misuse

Each Standard is also divided into three levels – Commitment (bronze), Achievement (silver) and Excellence (gold).

You need to decide which level to pursue and then meet each of the Standards at that level, as a minimum. After benchmarking, you might find that you meet all Standards at Commitment or Achievement level but that you meet one or two at Excellence level. When you complete the application form, you can specify which standards you are applying for and at which level. However, you need to apply for all eight Standards – you cannot leave any out.

I run a small business. Can I apply?

Absolutely! As a small business without a dedicated Personnel Manager, you will not be expected to have the same level of evidence as a larger employer. For example, it would be expected that your communication would mainly be verbal and informal.

Please refer to the chart below, for a guide:

Business Size Which Award?
1-30 employees Aim for Commitment
31 – 150 employees Aim for Achievement
Over 151 employees Aim for Excellence

Anything else?

If you have any queries or would like further information, contact Monica Gartside, your local Workplace Health Co-ordinator.

Tel. 0161 342 2278